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What the HECK is a "Public Adjuster?"

Learn what a public adjuster can do for you. 

Listen To This Bull: Can Wind Cause 'Slide Out'?

When slide out occurs on a shingled roof there are many possibilities as to why. Properly investigating and inspecting the roof can give you a lot of information as to how and why slide out is happening. Let's have a little science lesson while we're at it...

Listen To This BULL Building Code Enforcement

Should you have to prove that a LAW is ENFORCED? When dealing with insurance adjusters and their request to prove that building codes are being enforced what do you do, or is it all just a bunch of BULL?

Listen To This BULL Throw Matching Out The Window

When dealing with Like, Kind and Quality it may be reasonable to just forget about the matching exclusions.

Listen To This BULL Lightning Claims are HUGE

When lightning hits there is always damage, but are you being properly compensated for the damage that is not so obvious?

Listen To This BULL Has Big Foot Been On Your Roof?

Let's discuss what footfall damage looks like and how it may have caused damage to your roof.

Listen To This BULL Do The ‘Cedar Shake’

Not all roofs are the same. Cedar shake roofs are specifically difficult to identify damage and require and expert eye when inspecting. Make sure your cedar shake roof is being handled correctly when filing an insurance claim

Listen To This BULL The Wild West

Why are property claims so difficult in the state of Georgia? Why would a Public Adjuster be beneficial when filing a property claim in Georgia? It’s like the Wild West out here!

Listen To This BULL When is You’re Claim SOL

The statute of limitations may pigeon hole your claim and your insurance company could use that to their advantage. How can you avoid this happening to YOUR claim?

Listen To This BULL The Truth Behind Asbestos

Let’s talk about asbestos and the BULL you may have to deal with while dealing with an asbestos insurance claim.

Listen To This BULL A Duckish Pond and A House In A Tree

Insurance pays when a tree falls on your house, but what happens when your house lands into a tree?

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