Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a state licensed insurance professional who, instead of working for your insurance company, works for you. In the event your property undergoes damage, a public adjuster would represent you on your claim and assist you with returning your property to its pre-losscondition. 

Insurance carriers have their own best interests in mind while settling your loss and are often not concerned with the finite details and state code necessities. Due to many contractors willingness to bypass important building code requirements, insurance companies are not required to include these items in their estimates and therefore, in most cases, are not fully restoring your property to what your policy determines should be. 

A public adjuster speaks the insurance language and their goal is to uphold not only the states building code requirements but also to ensure the property owners claim is being correctly paid for by their insurance company and verifying the property owners policy is being correctly applied to the loss at hand.

Why use a Public Adjuster?

Every property owner understands the importance of insurance and should expect that, in the event something happens to their property due to an incident outside of their control, their insurance company will compensate them appropriately for the damages and return them to their “pre-loss” condition. However, most property owners are not well versed in all an insurance claim truly entails and are often “short-changed” in the process. A public adjuster represents the property owner, as a lawyer would in court, on their claim to ensure they are being fully and correctly compensated to restore any and all damages caused by the event. 

By using a public adjuster to represent your claim you are ensuring that you are protecting your investment and that the claim is covered per state code requirements and in accordance with what your policy agreement determines.

What sets Allgood Adjustments apart?

Insurance claims can be stressful and often confusing. When we say “let us deal with the Bull,” we simply want to offer you the option to be free of the time consuming struggles and emotionally charged conflict that often comes with a property loss. 

Allgood Adjustments is one of the premier Public Adjustment firms in Georgia and our approach is unique in the way we use a team environment to give each individual claim we work the best outcome possible. Just as each and every claim is unique so is our approach. Our team consists of inspectors, estimators, adjusters, and negotiators that work together on every claim allowing each individual to focus on using their strengths to achieve the best results possible for you to restore your property. 

Allgood has been a voice for the community pushing for better legislation in Georgia and holding the insurance carriers accountable for their actions.  Our company is an active member of the Georgia Association of Insurance Public Adjusters GAPIA and devoted to remaining the most reputable and experienced public adjusters in Georgia. If you are represented by Allgood Adjustments you can rest assured knowing the you and your claim are being cared for by the best.

What should I expect from this process?

As many may have experienced, the claim process is never simple and can often be a complex ordeal. Allgood Adjustments handles the claim process in its entirety for the property owner from beginning to end. By involving us from the beginning of the claim process you are not only letting us “deal with the Bull,” but you are ensuring that your claim will be handled correctly from start to finish. 

To start your claim off on the best possible path, contact Allgood Adjustments as soon as possible when your property either experiences a natural event or if you notice damage as a result of water, fire or a storm. An Allgood Adjustments representative will discuss the damages and event with you, receive information necessary for your claim and will set up a free initial inspection so that we can evaluate the damages. By Allgood Adjustments performing an initial inspection prior to filing a claim, a licensed public adjuster is verifying the damages and the coverage of your policy to ensure that you are not filing a frivolous claim with your insurance company.

After our evaluation of the damage we would then discuss your options as far as moving forward with the claim process. If we feel a claim is not in your best interest at that time, our team will make you aware of your options as our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our property owners and protect them and their policy

If it is decided to proceed with the claim process, our team would compile a comprehensive scope and report the loss to your carrier ensuring that the loss is reported properly. From there our team will work with the insurer to get the best possible settlement per what the state building codes require as well as what the property holder’s policy states are included in their coverage.

Why does Allgood Adjustments need my insurance declarations page an/or policy?

Allgood Adjustments aims to be as thorough as possible and, as it is our job to act as your representative with your insurance company, we may need to verify your policy’s coverage. To ensure that our team is given all the tools essential to do their job effectively a copy of your policy’s declarations page or in some cases a copy of your full policy may be necessary for us to review. Every insurance policy is different and often times the wording is deciphered differently by insurance adjusters, therefore by having a copy of this information we are one step ahead and are ensuring that our public adjusters are fully understanding what your specific policy covers and the best way to apply that coverage to your claim.

Why is my mortgage company listed on my checks?

Based on your insurance company’s policy, they may issue checks to compensate for the property loss with the property’s mortgage company listed as a payee. They do this due to the mortgage company’s financial interest in the property. Each and every mortgage company has different requirements based on the claim to receive their endorsement on the check. By using Allgood Adjustments, our financial team handles this process for you to ensure that the mortgage company receives all documentation they require and that they are endorsing the checks to be returned so that the property owner can pay for the repairs agreed on.

Why has my insurance company denied my claim?

We unfortunately encounter many property owners who have a claim that has been denied or partially compensated for repairs with partial replacement of the damages. These are what we call “denied or repair only claims.” Allgood adjustments is well versed in reviewing these claims and have proven successful at assisting property owners with a course of action in response to this.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why this may have happened and although we prefer to be involved prior to this happening, it is occasionally unavoidable even then. If we are entering in to the claim process after the claim has already been filed and inspected by the insurance company it is important to have any and all documentation pertaining to the claim ready for our team to review. 

For every insurance claim there is a time limit and often due to the complexity of these types of claims it is best to reach out to Allgood Adjustments as soon as possible to allow us to assess the claim and determine if we are able to assist you further within the time constraints allotted by your insurance company. The process may be a long road but our team will do everything in our power to assist you in receiving the best outcome for your claim we possibly can.

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