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Seeing the Restoration of the damaged room over the past few days has brought a spring back to my step. It has also reminded me that you and your staff at Allgood are much to thank for this. I really am appreciative of your "over and beyond" service; representing me with State Farm, thoroughly researching my policy, holding State Farm accountable, the hours in email and phone conversations "explaining" to me the details of what was going on or had happened, and just in general looking out for our interests. At times, admittedly, I saw no end in sight with the Mold Remediation, and it causing such delay and disruption inside the house. Nothing is put back yet mind you and repairs are still underway but I feel we are coming out of the bleak, dark tunnel we have been in. I never thought studs and drywall would look so nice and welcoming to me. Last night I was sitting downstairs in my room and I heard my daughter Jennifer excitedly call out to Sarah (9), upstairs. "Sarah, did you see your room?! What do you think?! Come here!!" Sarah, of course wasn't as terribly impressed as Jennifer was to see the progress, and no doubt won't be until her furniture can be placed in the room and her toys unpacked, but we grown-ups are very excited to see the room being Restored. As I said, the supporting structure has been completed, the drywall replaced, and now I hear the saw cutting boards to replace the facia of the room's overhang (the part State Farm didn't "cover", LOL). Allgood, "eventually" saved the day! Again, thank you so much for all of your expertise, consideration, and time spent on our behalf. I would recommend ANYONE to go through the process with you all (but not the mold part!!!), and rest assured I will be improving my insurance coverage to the max. as soon as I can, so that if you have to go through this with me ever again,..... we are "fully covered this time"! I wouldn't put either of us through this ordeal again, and I appreciate you bearing the burden with me! Especially, You Desiree! You excelled in Your Performance, and Kindness, and I really appreciate it! Please let everyone that worked on this project know of my appreciation. What A Team!!!

From start to finish we were very pleased with Allgood Adjustments. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. At no point did we feel like we were unaware of what was happening. They explained the process and were always quick to respond to any questions we had. By them dealing directly with our insurance and our contractor we were not burdened with the hassle. I would highly recommend using Allgood Adjustments to anyone going through an insurance claim!

These guys took my claim from denied to approved and made sure the process was handled to exacting standards. They gave me a "portal" link to watch them work on the claim. Being able to log on and see the new notes every day made us feel like we were in good hands. I highly recommend Allgood Adjustments

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They handled my claim from start to finish, keeping me in the loop the whole time. It was very nice to not have to deal with the insurance company! They were very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend them in the future.

We tried going through our insurance company after a storm hit our house. We were denied and told that our roof had NO damage. Our contractor recommend we use a Public Adjuster from Allgood Adjustments. They immediately sent Brandon out who found hail and wind damage all over our roof, he even provided us with HD photos. We were shocked that our insurance company flat out lied to us. Allgood Adjustments fought our insurance provider tooth and nail. When all was said and done, Allgood got our insurance company to finally provide us the coverage they should have offered us the first go round. We couldn't be happier with the end result, thanks to Allgood Adjustments. We highly recommend them to all of our neighbors.

The reason I chose this company out of all the others was because the rep that answered the phone was really sweet and personable. She didn't just throw numbers out at me and say goodbye. The inspector was on site at the time indicated. They got my claim handled in a timely manner.

Our roof was denied by our insurance company even though a proper repair wasn’t possible. Then the insurance company sent us a letter saying they would drop us if we didn’t replace our roof out of pocket since our shingles were “ineligible”. Allgood got involved and now our insurance company not only has paid for the roof replacement but also paid for the interior damages and mold. My family thanks you!

We have had so many problems with different claims. From every step of the way we have hit nothing but problems. We had Mat and his amazing team at Allgood step in and all of our problems have been solved. They are always there to explain everything and every step to us.

Our family was having an awful experience with an insurance claim. From everything from having to make calls to insurance to dealing with different contractors and companies the past two years were a nightmare. We finally got in contact with the amazing team at Allgood who gladly stepped in and took over for us. The entire staff has been so helpful and reassuring, explaining the entire process to us and comforting us with what was going on. They made a horrible situation so much better. All of questions have been answered and fully explained to us. They always call back when they say they will and they have kept a very professional and cordial relationship with our insurance adjuster, therefore keeping our relationship with the insurance company positive. I would highly recommend them you will be in very good hands!!!!! Thanks guys for everything

Hello Mat, When you guys called with the news of approval, it was not so much a surprise because we believed in everyone's ability, but it was still a little overwhelming. It is so good to be relieved from the worries of going into another rain spell or snow/ice winter with a damaged and dangerous roof. It was your dedication, knowledge and patience that got this project headed for completion. We know you went above and beyond and we are extremely appreciative. From the start with Brandon’s educationally informative and kindhearted nature to your determination and expertise we are very pleased to be working with Allgood Adjustments. Thank you Mat. Tom and I are very grateful.